Influence of sample treatment on ESR signal of irradiated citrus.


ESR spectra of the hard seed cover and kernel coating of irradiated orange and tangerine fruits were obtained under different sample drying conditions to analyze the effect of treatment on ESR line at g = 2.0033 (line A). The spectra shows almost the same lines that appear in stalks, achenes, seeds and skins of fresh fruit. The peak-to-peak intensity of the line A of the spectra shows a linear variation with dose in the range studied (up to 5 kGy) under controlled sample preparation. Q-band ESR spectra shows that this line is composed for three different lines from different species. A1, A2 and A3. The A2 and A3 lines are associated with dose but grow also during drying of the sample and are probably due to 'cellulosic' components of the seed cover. The A1 line appears only when sample is dried and is probably associated with the quinones of the internal kernel coat.


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