[Characteristics of 57Co-bleomycetin accumulation in the primary tumor and in its metastases to the lungs in mice with Lewis carcinoma].


Distribution of 57Co-bleomycin was studied in mice with Lewis carcinoma implanted into different parts of the body. It was found that organ distribution of the labeled antibiotic did not depend on the tumor localization. The accumulation level of 57Co-bleomycin in Lewis carcinoma implanted subcutaneously into the pad foot was 3 times higher than that in the healthy pad. Resection of the primary tumor stimulated metastasis to the lungs resulting in relatively selective accumulation of the antibiotic in the lungs. The levels of 57Co-bleomycin in the lungs the main part of which was affected with metastases were 3--7 times higher than the respective control values.


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