Design method of wide-area damping controller based on FOA algorithm


With regard to the interval low-frequency oscillation problems in large-scale interconnected power system, a design method based on Fruit Optimization Algorithm (FOA) for the wide-area time-delay damping controller is proposed in this paper. Systems such as the New England 10-generator 39-bus system is employed to validate the effectiveness of the method presented. The system is linearized at first, and modal analysis is conducted to find out the interval oscillation modes and corresponding damping ratios, under which the controllability and observability are obtained. Through the maximum observability index the Wide-area feedback signal is selected appropriately. Afterwards, structure of the wide-area controller is analyzed and the FOA algorithm is adopted to optimize the parameters. Finally, the simulation results show that the proposed design method of wide-area controller can better improve the interval oscillation damping ratios, and puts forward a new thought for the optimal control of low-frequency oscillation.


40 Figures and Tables

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