A New Approach to Represent Rotated Haar-like Features for Objects Detection


In this paper, we propose a new approach to detect rotated object at distinct angles using the Viola-Jones detector. Our method is based on two main steps: in the first step, we determine the rotated Haar-like feature by any angle (45°, 26.5°, 63.5° and others), this allowed us to obtain a very large number of Haarlike features for use them during the boosting stage. The normal Integral Image is very easy to be calculated, but for rotated Haar-like feature, their computation is practically very hard. For this reason, in second step, we propose a function to calculate an approximate value of rotated Integral Image at a generic angle. To concretize our method, we test our algorithm on two databases (Umist and CMU-PIE), containing a set of faces attributed to many variations in scale, location, orientation (in-plane rotation), pose (out-of-plane rotation), facial expression, lighting conditions, occlusions, etc.


65 Figures and Tables

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